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Are you looking for British Holidays then congratulations as you need look no further than our unique website dedicated to just that, on our site you will find all the latest holiday bargains to be had anywhere within Britain and the wider British Isles . We work with many household names in the niche of holidays at home including such names as Marsdens, Lakes, Sykes, Coast and Country all cottage holiday specialists as well as other equally well known holiday providers such as Haven, Pontins,Butlins, Hoeseasons , Shearings, Warners, Park Holidays, Park Resorts and loads more. So if its a cottage or a caravan or chalet holiday your looking for anywhere within the British Isles then we can find that for you simply and easily by clicking on anyone of our specially chosen links on our pages.

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Our number one priority is to assist our visitors to our store with all the latest up to date holiday lets available across the British Isles all year round at affordable prices that suit your budget as well as, that fits your ideal location and perfect setting. Whether it be inland or by the sea, from Land’s End to John O’ Groats  we will strive to match you with that something special to rent to relax and enjoy your much needed leisure/vacation time.


You can start your search for your choice of British Isles holiday let by clicking on the appropriate category above this introduction, we have quite literally amassed through our various and specially selected merchants/retailers within the UK home tourist industry tens of thousands of holiday lets, cottages,apartments,chalets, cabins, lodges and caravans to choose from. We also have some really good deals from hotelier groups and other holiday sites such has Haven, Pontins, Hoseasons and Butlins, be sure to scroll down this page and on others to look for their banners which you can click on and be whisked away to their sites whereby you can check out their holiday let locations, availability, special offers and prices.Oh and please take a look at many more holiday let promotions appearing as adverts down the left side of this site such as Premier Inn with over 600 hotels, The May fair Hotel London, The Strand Palace Hotel, Warner Leisure Hotels and Britannia Hotels a vast wealth of choice and offers right across the British Isles and in the hearts of any town and city etc.

Quite honestly we are convinced that if you cannot find what you are looking for on our site amongst all our agents products and amazing offers then you probably wont find it anywhere. We are convinced you will not find another website quite like ours that caters for just about every type of holiday let and location across the whole of the British Isles.

Our easy to follow website will steer you towards whichever of the four main countries which make up this Great British Isles an archipelago of islands with its rich diverse history and  culture, peoples, dialects and regional accents,a magical Kingdom with awe inspiring landscapes and seascapes, for nowhere in Britain is more than 70 land-miles from the sea ( Birmingham being the furthest place in Britain from the sea).


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Mt. Snowdon


The British Isles has some of the most stunningly beautiful scenic countryside, waterways, seascapes, mountains, national parks, coastal paths and country parks, from Snowdonia, the Peak District, the Lake District,the Scottish Highlands, Norfolk Broads, the Black Country,Yorkshire Moors, the Pennines, the Mendip Hills the South West country Moors of Devon and Cornwall, Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin moors and many many more wondrous locations across the nation.


The land of Wordsworth,Dickens,Shakespear, Burns, Darwin, Cromwell, Churchill, Gladstone, Lloyd George,Elizabeth I, Drake, Wilberforce,  William Wallace, Nelson, Newton and hundreds of more famous names throughout the ages all of which makes the British Isles a literal treasure trove of historical characters that have shaped and molded our lands and our pasts and futures.


The  Great Britain today or to give it its official name amongst the nations of the World, the United Kingdom is a unitary sovereign state governed under a titular constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system the envy of much of the World. The seat of government is the nations Capital city London. The United Kingdom is a country consisting of four countries all uniquely different England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland and held together by the crown, a fusion of different dialects and languages with English being the commonly spoke one, a  wealth of cultures, races, creeds and religions all living side by side in relative peace and harmony. The  Republic of Ireland is also a unitary sovereign state with an elected Parliament and an elected head of state in the form of a president, Ireland does not have a Prime Minister as the head of an Irish government is called a Taoiseach. The Capital City of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin.


The river Liffey at night which runs through the heart of Dublin.

At British Isles Holiday Lets we are here to promote holiday lets across the geographically labelled British Isles which includes the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland and the Principality of Wales also referred to as the United Kingdom as well as the two parts of the island of Ireland known as Northern Island and a part of Great Britain and the second much larger part known as the Republic of Ireland.

Great Britain is simply the name of the island and the British Isles is formed of the two largest islands of Great Britain and Ireland in addition to the smaller islands that are the Isle of Man which is a crown dependency, Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands also a crown dependency and the isles of Scilly and all the islands of Scotland, some 6000 isles/islets and islands in total, the figure 6000 is arguably debatable as some academics only give the true figure as being 1000. We have included sections with a brief commentary on England, Scotland, and Wales and of course both parts of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We do however recognise that the term British Isles is a contentious one in the Republic of Ireland and that the term Britain and Ireland is becoming the more acceptable description even though British Isles still remains the commonly used term to describe these pockets of islands off the northwest point of continental Europe.   To search for Sykes Cottages simply click on their banner below!

For centuries these islands have been broken down in to even more distinct and localised areas known as counties, there are considered to be 118 counties across the British Isles including the whole of Ireland.


It is generally considered that  England has 42 counties, Ireland and Scotland 32 each, and Wales 12.


Take a look at the following link to give you more of an insight in to each of the English Counties http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/maps/ukindex.htm


We wish all our visitors from home and abroad to have a worthwhile visit to our site and to leave it having found the perfect British Isles Holiday Let !


The link below will best explain the emblems of Great Britain and the countries that make up the United Kingdom.





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We strive to make a difference to the way our clients search for a holiday let in the British Isles.

The 60th Diamond Jubilee anniversary of the Queens accession to the throne.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated a major mile stone in her reign this year when she arrived at 60 glorious years on the throne of the United Kingdom her territories and domains, crown dependencies and many Commonwealth nations as head of their state, she is also the head of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Without a doubt she and her husband His Royal Highness Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at her side continuously have been the mainstay of life in Britain throughout all this time. Her reign has been unique in that she has been the most travelled monarch of all time visiting almost every country on earth. At the age of 86 and as Head of State she has personally met all but one of the 12 Presidents of the USA during her reign and that was Lyndon B. Johnson. She has also had 12 Prime Ministers of Great Britain serve her during that time the first being Winston Churchill.


The Queen and Price Philip on the royal barge on the river Thames pageant to mark her Diamond Jubilee.


The Queen has probably met nearly every head of state during her long and illustrious reign, she is the 40th crowned monarch since William the Conqueror seized the English Crown on Christmas day 1066. She is the second longest serving monarch after Queen Victoria her great great grandmother who reigned for 63 years and 216 days. King George III reigned for just over 59 years. When you think of it, it is highly doubtful that today’s children or even their grandchildren will even if the monarchy survives the rest of this next century and the next will ever see a reign of this length ever again.


The Queen and Royal family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on the day she celebrated her 60th Diamond Jubilee. Unfortunately Prince Philip was not there as he had been taken to hospital the night before having felt unwell following the previous days River Pageant on the Thames.


The crowds throng the Royal Mall to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.


At 86 HM. The Queen is in relative rude health and looks increasingly likely to surpass Queen Victoria’s record as our longest serving monarch and head of state. We wish her a long and happy reign.


The familiar Red Arrows swoop low over Buckingham Palace with their distinctive red, white and blue vapor trail behind them.




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